The IFOMC Steering Committee

Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Given the imminent celebration of the International Fisheries Observer & Monitoring Conference, IFOMC that will be held next June in Vigo, the main members of the committee meet this week in the Pazo de los Escudos Hotel to review more than 200 abstracts received. After reviewing all of them, they will select the speakers at

Next year, the production of vannamei shrimp will reach five million tons, according to FAO estimates. It is the star species in the North American and Chinese markets and a key investment on the industry’s future at a global level. Its cultivation is more successful than that of salmon or turbot, with a period of

Marine Instruments in the local press

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

It is common knowledge that the imagination gives wings. And perhaps that is the key to the success of the Galician technological company Marine Instruments, which rather than going head-on at that sea of ​​which it has made its business, flies as if it had wings. So much so, that last May it was distinguished

Archipelago Marine Research (AMR) and Marine Instruments (MI) are now working together to enable ongoing advancement and implementation of Electronic Monitoring (EM) technology around the world. Marine Instruments brings a strong worldwide presence in the marine industry as well as years of technical innovation in marine electronics. Archipelago pioneered EM technology, and are recognized experts

Marine Instruments Solar Regatta

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Marine Instruments will organise again a Solar Regatta for schools. 20 teams from 9 different schools will compete with their own boats in 3 different challenges. The schools will design and build a radio control electric boat powered solely by solar energy. Marine Instruments organises this regatta to encourage students about technology and renewable energies,

Marine Instruments has been named as one of the finalists, and Ruban d’Honneur recipients, in the 2016/17 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. The company has been selected as one of the ten European finalists within the “Growth Strategy of the Year” category and will now compete in the third and final round, where only

Marine Instruments was awarded yesterday with this prestigious European award for its growth strategy. Marine Instruments competed in this category with ten other leading European companies in its industry. 33,000 companies were presented in this edition to the European Business Awards. After surpassing three phases of preselection  and with just  ten finalists in its category,

Australian Goverment will deploy 100 drum lines to prevent shark attacks. Drum lines will be equipped with our MLi-S buoy to locate the sharks, tag them and relocate them further out. The MLi-S magnet is attached to a drum line. When the shark bites the hook, the magnet is released and the buoy starts transmitting

UK Marine Management Organization (MMO) provided type approval to Marine Instruments i-VMS system, Watching Man Pro after meeting all the technical requirements stipulated by the British government. It is the first time the MMO type approves these kinds of systems, specially designed to fulfil the specific needs of vessels under 12 meters. The system will

Marine Instruments has been named a National Champion for Spain in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community. The Awards, now in its 10th year, is supported by business leaders, academics and political representatives from across Europe,