Small buoy with satellite transmission for locating and monitoring objects that must remain in a determined position within an established security radius (Geofence)

    There are two models:

    • MGi-B is self-floating (6 liter buoyancy)
    • MGi-P is mechanically fixed to an external support (navigation or signal buoys, shellfish rafts, anchored objects, etc.)


    • Global coverage through Iridium satellite network.
    • Minimum communication cost. Possible monthly flat rate.
    • The buoy reports information on: GPS position and battery level.
    • The external appearance of the buoy can be designed according to the client’s needs.
    • Marine Instruments’ MSB Geofence software for the buoy monitoring, change in the security radius by telecommand and operation mode.
    • Unlimited battery life. Solar panels which provide it with an adequate battery level in normal insolation conditions. Pack of alkaline batteries as a back-up.
    • The buoy has no external antenna. Undetectable to both the naked eye and radar.