• Position
  • Temperature
  • Ecologic
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Deep water anchor
  • Shallow water anchor

This small-sized buoy uses satellite transmission for being located and monitored. It is specially designed to be used as a lagrangian buoy in surface ocean dynamics studies.


  • Reports data on: temperature, location, speed, course and battery level.
  • Global coverage through Iridium satellite network.
  • Flat rate communications.
  • Marine Instrument’s Software MSB Scientific Buoys for the buoys monitoring, telecommand sending and changes on the operation modes.
  • Its mushroom design minimizes the risk of being dragged by the wind.
  • Good stability and buoyancy.
  • The buoy has no external antenna. Undetectable to both the naked eye and radar.
  • Unlimited battery life. Solar panels which provide it with an adequate battery level in normal insolation conditions. Pack of alkaline batteries as a back-up.
  • Temperature sensor with accuracy of 0,2 ºC y resolution of 0,1ºC .
  • Flash for location.


Floating anchors

  • DEEP WATER (Holeysock): 6-meter-long round segmented anchor. Its packing enables it to be easily and correctly thrown into water with the MLi buoy.
  • SHALLOW WATER: Bi-plane anchor consisting of two 1.5-meter-depth panels.