About us

Marine Instruments is a Spanish company focused on the design and manufacture of electronic equipment mainly for the fisheries sector.

From our beginnings in 2003, we have experienced constant growth positioning ourselves, in less than a decade, as the first manufacturer of tuna satellite buoys worldwide, with presence in over 25 countries.

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our business and we build our work around them to develop useful technology solutions tailored to the market and customer needs. For this purpose, we have a large R&D team that works in the continuous improvement of our products and the development of innovative solutions as a daily basis.

Our commitment to customers is constant. We work together in developing and improving our products based on their specific needs, guaranteeing robust, reliable and high tech equipment. This also allows us to anticipate ourselves to the market needs and maintain our leadership position.

Today, we are highly committed to diversification. Taking as starting point our broad technical knowledge and our marine environment expertise we develop products and solutions for other sectors and customers outside the fisheries sector.

The factory and the department of innovation, design and development of Marine Instruments are in the same facilities, enabling an ongoing communication between departments, the daily improvement of our products and the development of the best solutions for our clients.

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