• USB
  • Position
  • Ecologic
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Radio transmission

MIR-2200 is the data receiving system of Marine Instruments. Without need of additional installations, it offers to the longliner the possibility of using a receiver or phone system of those already installed on board for the reception of the M3P and M3P-T buoys.


  • Allows the reception of the following data:

– Buoy’s GPS position.

–  Buoy’s battery level.

– Water temperature.

  • Encryted data transmissions to increase security.
  • Easy to install.
  • Connection to the vessel computer through USB.
  • MIR-2200 mjust be connected to the vessel’s radio system of HF receptor.
  • Possibility to use the boat’s GPS or the NMEA connector.
  • Compatible with all of Marine Instruments longline buoys.
  • System composed of:


GPS external antenna.

  • Compatible with  MAXSEA, Orbmap, TimeZero, ARPA, SERPE and AIS.