Marine Instruments collaborates in the Ocean Cleanup project

by / Monday, 10 September 2018 / Published in Sin categoría @en

Marine Instruments will collaborate in the Ocean Cleanup project that aims to collect plastic waste from the oceans. To achieve this goal, Ocean Cleanup has developed a waste collection system based on floating barriers of one and two kilometers long that, taking advantage of the marine currents, move and retain the superficial plastics that find around them. The company is planning to install 50 of this barriers. At the moment the company is analyzing the level of marine dirt that there is and what is its distribution in the different seas. The project will be implemented for the first time in the Pacific Ocean in September of this year and commits to the collection of 50% of the waste in this area in five years. Marine Instruments will be an active part of the program since its buoys will be the ones that determine the location of the floating barriers. In addition, they will send information via satellite to the vessels in charge of extracting the waste. “We are delighted to be able to collaborate in this beautiful project to clean the oceans. We work every day to develop technological solutions that besides being efficient, help the environment. For us, the sustainability of the oceans is very important because only if we work towards this aim we will we be able to maintain marine resources in the future, “says Gabriel Gómez, CEO of Marine Instruments.