Alakrana, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, begins fishing with new M3iGO satellite buoy

Alakrana, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, begins fishing with new M3iGO satellite buoy
22 March 2022

The Alakrana is one of the tuna vessels in the fleet of the Basque fishing company Echebastar. The Bermeo-based company has been involved in tuna fishing since 1967, promoting sustainable fishing and the responsible use of fish products. Today Echebastar is one of the world’s leading references in fishing and commitment to the environment, with the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team on board its fleet.

In the Indian Ocean, the great reference is the vessel Alakrana, built in 2006 and with a capacity of 1,600 tonnes. A vessel that is an experience in itself and has even become the brand under which Echebastar markets its top quality tuna, thanks to a pioneering ultra-freezing system (-60º C) and the control of the entire production chain and certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), the highest independent body that certifies sustainable and well-managed fisheries around the world.

From February 2022, the Alakrana’s resources for more efficient and sustainable fishing will include the new M3iGO satellite buoy designed and manufactured by Marine Instruments, the first in the world to incorporate Artificial Intelligence. A buoy that helps the skipper of the Alakrana to make faster and, together with the skipper’s experience and knowledge, more efficient decisions. The incorporation of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to identify more precisely the amount of tuna underneath, allowing considerable fuel savings and a consequent reduction in the carbon footprint in the ocean.

New M3iGO: evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside

All this evolution is not only seen in the behaviour and performance, it also has its external evolution maintaining the robustness and reliability that have made Marine Instruments buoys legendary in the three oceans and now also incorporates, for the first time in the market, an acoustic system with algorithms for detection and notification of surrounding vessels.

The launch of the new M3iGO satellite buoy in 2022 is the culmination of 4 years of intensive work by our R&D department, based on pattern search and data training. It is the beginning of a New Era for more efficient and sustainable fishing.

Marine Instruments is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high technology adapted to the marine environment and focused on the promotion of smart oceans and sustainable fisheries and is part of the Arbulu Group, a group of companies specialised in marine electronics and satellite communications with global reach.