The FMCG Innovation Observatory highlights the M3iGO buoy with AI at the service of the fishing industry

The FMCG Innovation Observatory highlights the M3iGO buoy with AI at the service of the fishing industry
10 February 2023

The Institut Cerdà has presented in Madrid the sixth edition of the Observatory of FMCG Innovation in Spain, with the aim of making known the main drivers that stimulate innovation in the sector and the 20 most innovative projects developed in the last year to respond to the challenges of the current context.

For the first time, the Observatory highlights the four drivers that are driving innovation in the FMCG chain in Spain: the commitment to sustainability, the contribution to improving social and territorial cohesion, the focus on the consumer and the increase in the efficiency of the chain.

Among the practices selected from more than 300 projects analysed by a committee of 16 independent experts, the Innovation Observatory highlights the M3iGO buoy by the technology company Marine Instruments, the first satellite fishing buoy to incorporate Artificial Intelligence. Fishing buoys provide information on the biomass below them, detecting the presence of schools of fish and reporting their position, so that ships can go directly to the areas where they are located. Until now, however, they were unable to accurately distinguish the species detected, resulting in unnecessary trips as they did not alert only to the presence of commercial fish.

The buoy developed by Marine Instruments, focused on the tuna sector, incorporates a processor capable of using artificial intelligence to analyse the data captured by the sensors, so that it transmits filtered, precise and real-time information on the tonnes of commercial fish underneath. In this way, and using visualisation and monitoring software developed by the company, the skipper of the vessel is able to make decisions in an agile, efficient and sustainable way, both economically and environmentally.

The presentation of the Innovation Observatory was part of the conference “Innovation as the axis of development and competitiveness in the FMCG chain” and was opened by Teresa Riesgo, Secretary General for Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, while Isabel Bombal, Director General of Rural Development, Innovation and Agri-Food Training of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food was in charge of closing the event.

Marine Instruments, together with representatives of some of the selected companies and organisations, took part in a round table on innovative projects in Spain, explaining, in their case, the activity of the technology company and its real application to the needs of consumers.

In addition to Marine Instruments, the other innovative practices selected correspond to companies, organisations and institutions such as: Veritas, Heineken, Correos, Cruz Roja and Encantado de Comerte, Gasol Foundation, Kellogg’s, Eroski, Pescanova, Danone, Familia Torres, Grupo IFA, Cajamar, Mercadona and Prosol, Lence, AECOC, Institut dels Aliments de Barcelona, Castilla-La Mancha, Mercadona and Barcelona Serveis Municipals.