Marine Instruments launches Incubation Lab. its new hotbed for talent and ideas

Marine Instruments launches Incubation Lab. its new hotbed for talent and ideas
13 May 2022

This is the place where the magic will emerge, the hotbed of ideas that Marine Instruments has created and which is called Incubation Lab, i.e. it will also be an incubator for young talent for the company based in Nigrán.

Incubation Lab will be directed by Jaime Prado, an engineer with extensive experience in project management at Marine Instruments and a master’s degree lecturer at the University of Vigo. This project is born with the vocation of being a reference in Galicia and has great objectives on the horizon, on the one hand, to be a seedbed for ideas, concepts and new projects in Marine Instruments, promoting the first developments and validating their possible technical or economic viability. Marine Instruments’ motto is “we dare to create solutions that do not exist on the market” applied to the oceans, something they have been doing for almost twenty years, and now many of these ideas will be absorbed in this laboratory of ideas.

On the other hand, it will have the objective of attracting young talent, students who are finishing their degree or Masters (Telecommunications, Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, etc.) with Incubation Lab being the transition space towards Marine Instruments, carrying out curricular internships or enabling the integration of their TFG or TFM in our R&D department.

Although these students start at the bottom, Marine’s objective is that they are trained in the company, that they develop professionally and that, in the future, they become part of the staff. That is why they want to select the profile based not only on their technical skills or academic potential, but also on their ability to adapt to teamwork or values associated with the organisation.

Marine Instruments is a company focused on innovation with an excellent positioning in different sectors and presence in more than 30 countries. In recent years and thanks to a strong diversification strategy, it is starting to enter other vertical markets, such as aquaculture or Security and Defence. In 2020 it received the Galicia Innovation Award and in 2021 the FEI Innovative Company Award from the Secretary General for Innovation Teresa Riesgo.