Marine Instruments pioneer in obtaining the permission of air safety agency to fly its drone out of visual range

Marine Instruments pioneer in obtaining the permission of air safety agency to fly its drone out of visual range
22 September 2022

Marine Instruments, the Spanish company world leader in the development and manufacture of high technology for the marine environment, already has the authorisation from AESA- state air safety agency- to carry out operations with unmanned aerial systems out of visual range, known as BVLOS flight operation, a permit that allows surveillance operations with greater range and autonomy as well as greater flexibility and agility. The company, based in Nigrán, will be able to carry out surveillance operations without the need to request approval for each flight, being a pioneer at national level for operations of this type in the maritime field.

Marine Instruments was awarded a contract at the end of last year in the field of maritime security and surveillance by the General Secretariat of Fisheries. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to carry out fishing inspection and control tasks along the Spanish coast. Achieving this BVLOS authorisation has been a rigorous and demanding process, having to prove compliance with numerous technical and air safety requirements.

The M5D-Airfox is the remotely piloted aircraft developed by Marine Instruments with a range of up to 10 hours, a range of 18 nautical miles, take-off and landing capability on a moving vessel as well as on land and a zero carbon footprint. It is one of the most innovative and ambitious products from Marine Instruments, which has recently broadened its horizons and entered fully into the public sector of Fisheries, Security and Defence.

One year of operational testing in the Navy and NATO

In the military field, the M5D-Airfox is completing the last milestones of its participation in the RAPAZ programme of the Directorate General of Armaments and Material (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defence. This programme has made it possible to adapt the characteristics of the drone to the demanding operational needs of the Navy.

On the other hand, last February the M5D-Airfox participated in the Cutlass Express 2022 international exercises at the direct invitation of the US Navy, successfully completing different exercises in the Red Sea, and since this month it has been taking part in Portugal in the REP(MUS) and DYNAMIC MESSENGER exercises organised by NATO.

Marine Instruments currently employs more than 150 people, 40% of whom are dedicated to the development of advanced technological solutions for the fisheries, aquaculture and security and defence sectors.