MarineObserve remote monitoring system installed in Scottish fleet

MarineObserve remote monitoring system installed in Scottish fleet
16 March 2022

In 2016 Marine Instruments embarked on a remote electronic monitoring programme with MarineObserve™ in partnership with Marine Scotland to help improve the sustainability of a key fleet in the UK fishing industry, scallop dredgers. Marine Scotland is a Scottish Government directorate that ensures fisheries compliance and promotes a sustainable, profitable and well-managed fishing and aquaculture industry.

What is Marine Observe?

MarineObserve™ is an electronic observation system that enables all fishing operations to be recorded safely and efficiently. The system is based on the recommendations of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA). It has been developed jointly with Archipelago, a leading global monitoring software company.

The system stores high-definition images and video with all information collected during the tide such as location, speed, course or sensor status.


To monitor the fishing effort of scallop vessels in the Scottish 12-mile coastal waters.
Control access to marine protected areas.
Limit impact on the seabed by controlling the number of dredges used by the vessel.


Large area to control.
Operation of the vessel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Real-time monitoring is desired while maintaining low interference with vessel activities.
Some of the discharge ports are in distant locations.


Scallop dredging vessels.
Overall length: 20 m
Number of vessels installed: 7


After more than two years of successful operation, the MarineObserve™ remote electronic monitoring system proved to be the right solution for implementing a complete electronic monitoring programme, allowing to effectively monitor an entire fleet without interfering with fishing operations.