Buoy for oceanographic and scientific use specially designed for marine conditions. In the Smart Drumlines project (Australia and Reunion Island) the MLi-S buoy is attached to a drumline with bait. When the shark bites the hook, the buoy begins to transmit its GPS position. Users will receive an email plus a link with the location. Messages can be received directly to the phone (with GPRS coverage) or by MSR when the phone is out of coverage.


  • GPS buoy with satellite transmission, GPS, Magnetic on/off and double power supply system.
  • Flat rate communications
  • Global coverage through Iridium Satellite network
  • Designed to minimise the risk of drifting due to weather conditions.
  • Good stability and buoyancy
  • No external antenna
  • Undetectable to both the naked eye and radar
  • Solar rechargeable batteries. Unlimited battery life
  • Flash for night/day positioning
  • Temperature sensor


  • Buoy weight: 6,9 Kg.
  • Battery: 12 V. Recargable.
  • Buoyancy: 6 litros
  • Compatible software: Google Maps, MSB