Intelligent feeding system for shrimp by acoustic detection. Calculate the amount and frequency of the feed to save shrimp feed as much as possible.  It feeds automatically  according to the needs detected by the system through its sensors.

    The system consists of:

    • Central unit: It collects all the necessary information for feed management. Includes solar panels for unlimited autonomy and GPS for tracking in real time.
    • Sensors module: Includes hydrophone, echo sounder and temperature sensor. Possibility to add more sensors.
    • Communications card: Transforms the traditional feeder into intelligent. Adaptable to all types of feeders.


    • Control of the state of the pond and configuration of the power parameters.
    • Simple to install and interchangeable.
    • Communication via radio
    • Robust and resistant design suitable for marine conditions.
    • Stand-alone and adaptable
    • Completely wireless No need for installation.
    • Minimum maintenance


    • The software receives the ponds data through master and sensors module
    • Identifies feeding patterns to optimize food and save money
    • Configuration depending on the needs of the ponds and the number of feeders
    • Graphics with historical evolution of the ponds
    • Intuitive and simple software.