Software especially dedicated to the reception, control and monitoring of the position of all kinds of vessels in real-time. The software shows the user, the current position of the vessels and the route followed by these, allowing the total control of any fleet.


    • Basic Vectorial Marine Cartography (C-MAP).
    • Automatic download of the vessels positions.
    • Time among downloads of positions configurable by the user.
    • Download option at the request of the user.
    • Drawing and text tools.
    • Speed and Course information of each vessel.
    • Measure of distances.
    • Calculation of ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for each vessel.
    • User-configurable viewing: certain group of vessels, certain dates, etc.
    • Select the display by date range.
    • Possibility to “Replay” by zone or by vessel. Configurable speed.
    • It allows to send remote control of updating position “Polling” to any of the vessels, receiving an instant position.
    • It allows to visualize up to 5000 vessels.
    • Encrypted communications for greater privacy and security of the data.


    • Vectorial Marine Cartography (C-MAP): WIDE and MEGAWIDE.