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CIES is a RPA developed for professional applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing and recognition. The equipment can incorporate an RTK system to provide centimeter accuracy without the need for ground support points. The new fuselage design offers large space to accommodate the payload, and is built in a monobloc structure of high-tech composite materials. CIES is an easy-to-operate equipment that requires a few days of training for new operators thanks to the simple method of manual take-off, autonomous flight and automatic landing. The system incorporates autonomous flight procedures including a series of pre-programmed emergency fail-safe options according to the standards of aircraft safety standards.


  • Easy to operate: manual release, autonomous flight and automatic landing.
  • Possibility of incorporating a RTK to provide centimeter accouracy without ground support points.
  • Autonomous flight procedures.
  • Fail‐safe emergency options.
  • 90 minutes of autonomy with batteries + 240 min with solar pannels (standard sun radiation conditions).
  • Launch and recovery system: catapult launch and parachute recovery.
  • Flight over montainous terrain.
  • Wind resistance: 30 knots.
  • Adapted to wind gusts of up to 50 km/h. Rain proof.
  • Robust design. Highly resistant.
  • Closed carbon frame.
  • Solar Cels.
  • Easy to control with the widescreen HD display of the control system.
  • Fast charging: Only 30 minutes to recharge the battery.
  • Possibility to adapt and FPV camara.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Rugged check‐in luggage size bag.
  • Safe hand launch. High quality video
  • 128 Gb Windows Surface 4 Pro tablet with 12″ HD panaoramic screen.