MSD Sterna is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle originally developed to detect tuna schools and help improve efficiency in fishing operations. Its dual technology allows you to take on missions of surveillance, tracking and detection of targets with great efficiency. Solar panels and battery powered, its ideal for naval operations in the Indian Ocean (Operation Atalanta), in the Gulf of Guinea in missions against piracy, control of illegal immigration in maritime routes to the Canary Islands or surveillance in the Strait of Gibraltar.



    • Unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance and support Navy units onboard.
    • Great versatility in surveillance missions, tracking and detection of targets.
    • Launching system and net for landing, easily transportable in Marine Action Vessels (MAV) and in the rest of the Marine Action Force units.
    • Propietary Software developed by Marine Instruments.
    • Long battery life thanks to its solar panels and batteries. Silent for operational and follow-up missions.
    • Reception of mission images in HD and real time.
    • Encrypted communications, easily integrated in a C2S (Command & Control Systems).
    • Highly resistant fuselage.  Manufactured and developed entirely by Marine Instruments.


    Launching system and antennas

    Recovery net