• dawn
  • inclinometro
  • Ecologic
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bifrequency m3i+

Satellite buoy with 50 kHz and 200 Khz echo sounder especially designed for tuna fishing with fish aggregating devices (FADs).

The sounder data transmitted via satellite by the buoy allows the skipper to check the presence or absence of fish beneath the FAD.


Bifrequency sounder to distinguish in dfferent consecutive layers between small or low quality fish and big fish

  • More dynamic range, 16 colour palette
  • Soundings every minute in both frequencies. Configurable ecointegration, up to 256 pings per sounding.
  • Extra soundings at dawn. Sending of 4 extra soundings one hour before and after dawn.
  • Vertical soundings guaranteed  thanks to its built-in inclinometer,  in order to avoid incorrect surface echos.
  • Soundings and position sent every 3 hours in stand-by mode.
  • Search mode increased to 24 hours
  • Apart from sounding data, transmits GPS position, water temperature and battery level.
  • Global coverage via Iridium.
  • Reception of messages via satellite through MSR-2 and/or email (Fleet, Iridium OpenPort, etc.).
  • Marine Instruments MSB+ software for monitoring the buoys, sending telecommands, changing commands and sounding data.
  • Flat rate communications.
  • User-configurable
  • Different operation modes set up through telecommands
  • Flash light for night location
  • Unlimited battery life (solar panels and alkaline pack).
  • Robust design
  • Reduced dimensions and weight for cost-efficient shipping
  • Compatible with MaxSea, Catsat, Orbmap and Marineview