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Marine Sat Receiver (MSR-2) is the reception system for satellite buoys developed by Marine Instruments for high volumes of data.

The MSB+ supplied with the MSR-2 receiver makes it very easy for the user to read the buoy’s messages.

The internal GPS located in the antenna of the MSR-2 allows the viewing of the vessel position on the chart of the MSB software, providing information about time and distance of arrival to the buoys, route monitoring, etc.

The MSR-2 consists of an external antenna and an interface which is connected to the PC through USB or serial port. All the components necessary for its installation are supplied.

The MSR-2 interface includes LEDs for a quick and visual monitoring of the device operation: receiver and GPS state, communication with the computer, etc.


  • Especially designed for the management of high volume of data and avoid high communication costs when sending/receiving fishing data from the buoy.
  • Fast and direct communication with the buoys: receipt of positions/soundings, sending of telecommands, GPS position of the purse seiner, automatic activation of the buoys, etc.
  • Autonomous System: does not depend on other systems on board.
  • Global coverage.
  • Less than 1 minute latency in 90% of messages.
  • Spread-spectrum communication technology, difficult to detect by third parties.
  • Internal GPS and possibility of NMEA external GPS.
  • Connection to PC through USB or serial port.
  • Visual monitoring of the device state.