• Position
  • Phone / Web monitoring
  • Door opening alert
  • Intruders alert
  • Water in bilge alert
  • GPS position
  • Geofence

Inshore vessel monitoring system (iVMS) to allow the supervision of fishing areas and fish traceability for a responsible and sustainable management of marine resources. The system installation on board of fishing vessels helps the control of marine resources and the protection of restricted fishing areas.

Watching Man Pro international and national acknowledgements:

  • Regional Government of Galicia: Winner of a tender process for the control of fishing activities in the marine protected area of Os Miñarzos.
  • Marine Management Organisation (MMO): Type approved by MMO as inshore Vessel Monitoring System (iVMS)


  • Exact location of each vessel
  • Details of routes
  • Time spent in each area
  • Sound and visual alarms when entering a restricted area
  • Engine temperature and battery level data of each vessel
  • Fish traceability control


  • Presence sensor
  • Water in bilge sensor
  • Door/Window opening sensor
  • Geofence alert